Portfolio of
Jason O. Stevens

In February 2015, I received an email from a Boston-based Producer/Project Manager, Jason O. Stevens. He specialized in supporting creative processes across live, digital and physical brand experiences. He needed my help to build a responsive portfolio to showcase his projects. 

Client: Jason O. Stevens

Role: Visual Design, UX, Art Direction

Type of work: Web design

Year: 2015

Communication is
certainly a factor

When freelancing, it's important to keep our client updated. In this case, the challenge was to bridge the gap between two continents. Because of the different timezones, we had to develop a mutually convenient work environment. We used Asana for project management, Google Drive for file sharing and Gtalk/Skype for the weekly video status chat. 

Shared asset library

Having a shared asset library and keeping the files up-to-date is crucial. We have some pretty great tools for this like Dropbox, which is my personal favorite, but in our case we worked with Google Drive. All content was written in Google Docs and Jason shared his comments and feedback using Google Drawings.

Visual Structure

Mindmapping is the best technique to visualize information, connections for content management. It displays how the information will flow on a website and provides schematic hierarchy for the navigation. 

Responsively wireframed,
responsive layouts

When I work on wireframes or prototypes, I usually create desktop and mobile versions at the same time. When it's reasonable, I extend the set with the tablet version too. 

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