Online travel marketplace was an online travel site, available in Arabic and English. I had the opportunity to work on the startup’s complete brand development. Here are some snapshots from the project from logo design to the final brand booklet.


Role: Brand Development, Art Direction

Type of work: Identity/Branding

Year: 2011

The concept

The word “joob” means roaming, wandering in arabic. The challenge was to find a visual metaphor which connects with travel and wandering. I started to built the brand concept around the following keywords: light, discover, adventure and friendly. I carried on thinking by this train of thought when I found the dandelion. The Joob dandelion brandmark is symbolic. While it’s a simple, symmetric, light, funny flower it also “travels” if you blow it.

Evolution of the brandmark

The Joob brandmark's main component was made of simplified dandelion seeds.

The Joob logo

The look and feel of the logo is very ‘arabic’. The typography of the word Joob has been created from a modified font. The tagline and its alignment predestinates your next journey by adding a dynamic impression and motion to the logo.

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