Naked Pizza

Mobile pizza ordering

Are you ready for a slice?

Naked Pizza’s mobile app is a handy tool for peckish brothers and sisters in Dubai. It was born in the trendy "flatland" but it's not just a pretty face. Thanks to the well- thought-out user-experience design in collaboration with the LiMiTeD team we created a truly easy-to-use app for pizza lovers. Just a few taps and the delivery guy knocks on your door. 
Bon appetit!  

Client:  Lmtd /Dubai

Role: UI/UX, Visual Design, Art Direction

Type of work: Mobile Application/IOS

Year: 2014


Wireframing is an important part of any design process. It helps to create conceptual structure, architecture, visual arrangements and reveals potential issues. Wireframes are the fundamental of prototyping and prototype is the sandbox for visual experimentation.


The interesting part of the design process is to find the perfect style for the app. The corporate brand guidelines help to keep these experiments on the right track but it's fun to explore something new by mixing different styles.  

UI components

Final screens

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