Like most men in the world, I love watches. Classic swiss brands are the flagships of timepiece manufacturing. The materials used, the design, the finishing and the look & feel is remarkable, but still, they only show the time. Every time I pop in a watch shop, this is how I convince myself that it’s not worth buying a watch that has only one function. And that's why I got really excited when I first heard about smart watches, and especially when I heard the rumours about the Apple Watch in 2014. These gadgets could be quite handy and could provide much more information than date and time. Finally, it’s worth wearing a watch. I'd like to contribute with my own interpretation of the smart watch, the Rotowatch concept mockup and prototype.

Client: Personal Project

Role: Product Design, UI

Type of work: Concept/ Wearables

Year: 2014

Navigation prototype

This simple animation shows the basic navigation across the hexagon widgets.  

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