Task Ninja

Keep your tasks organized and tidy.

Task Ninja is a smart task manager app for busy people, providing an easy and super-fast To-Do list that automatically syncs across all your devices. Add quick tasks on the fly and receive timely reminders to ensure that nothing in your daily schedule is left undone. Target platforms are OSX and IOS.

Client: Personal Project

Role: Visual Design, Art Direction

Type of work: Concept, Mobile App Design

Year: 2013

Building structure

Creating structure diagrams and style tiles are quite handy when we work on complex systems like mobile or web applications. Rapid visualisation is essential for content structure.


Screen flows provide quick overview of the web site/app functions, they visualise the connections between multiple pages quickly and showcase the entire idea. It also allows project stakeholders to focus primarily on the app structure, workflow and basic user experience.


Task Ninja’s high-resolution vector iconography looks crisp and sharp on all type of screens. The custom designed icons provide easy navigation throughout the entire application and make all possible user interactions clear and self-explanatory.

The interface

I'm still working on Task Ninja's main interface and there are several design iterations sitting on my hard drive. I hope, I will be able to post the very final UI soon.

Cloud sync

Keep your data safe and synced. Task Ninja automatically syncs when you open the app. Also you can use gestures on the list to sync and update manually.

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